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 The Sierra Leone project is Miracle of Help's most ambitious project to date. Sierra Leone has the second highest infant mortality rate in the world. One out of five babies do not survive to age five. Inspired by a firsthand account of the poverty and lack of medical services for pregnant women in rural southern Sierra Leone, the Miracle of Help team has decided to help those communities build a Woman's Center for safe childbirth and pre and post natal care. The center will be located in the village of Ngolahun and land has already been donated by the village for this purpose. Ngolahun has a population of 2155 people and 4 smaller villages within one days walking distance who could also use the Center. Bunumbuwo, which has 763 people, Njala, with 265, Baaka with 20, and Tagbama with 145. The Center will provide services to 3,348 residents across five villages. There are a total of 1,196 men, 1,558 women, and 592 children in this region. 

MOH Skills Training Center

Our Model

Miracle of Help is using a Community Led Development Model in which we have partnered with the village of Ngolahun to establish a hospital complex according to the expressed needs of the villagers.

After a four day vision meeting, the villagers developed a three pronged approach to solving their specific healthcare needs. The four prongs are physical health, social health, economic health, and government interface. This will include a 10-bed Maternal-Child Health Post, a skills training Center for indigent mothers, a farm for nutritional support, a community center for meeting with elected officials, and several small businesses to support the hospital and bolster the community infrastructure.

Miracle of Help will partner with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health to ensure timely delivery of government issued medical supplies and staff. In addition to this, Miracle of Help will help supply additional medical supplies and scholarships for personnel for The Center. 


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